4 Days to Lights, Camera, Action!

Hi dear friends, family, and fans!

It has been a while since we’ve checked in, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working our butt(s) off daily on this film! Know this: Jesus is coming! We are set for an intensive nonstop, superlong three-day weekend of filming: Friday, August 22 from 9 am to 6 pmSaturday, August, 23rd from 9 am to 7 pmSunday, August 24 from 9am until midnight. B-roll filming will begin earlier this week.


The entire Who Would Jesus Date? team has been diligently working on this film–which has increasingly become such a joy and to create. With the help of a generous and talented cast and crew that seems to grow in number each day, the project has progressed well beyond what we could have hoped for when we first decided it was time that Jesus “met the parents.” Following is a non-exhaustive list of things we’ve accomplished since the last update:

  • The final voiceover narration has been recorded. Many thanks to sound technician Arthur Bond for making it sound so great.
  • The deadpan satire and good-natured quirkiness of the story is really coming to life thanks to our talented & hardworking cast members. They have all taken on their roles with thought to the characters’ backstories and motivations with amazing work ethic and commitment to the project.
  • There has been a casting change, with Brian Barrett taking on the title role. Our original Jesus actor Brett Gobe remains heavily involved in the project as film consultant and supporting actor.
  • Using footage from our weekly rehearsals, we have constructed a rough cut/video storyboard of the entire 15-minute film to help the entire team with conceptualization of Neeti‘s artistic vision. This has helped us provide better constructive criticism to the actors, as well as a deeper understanding for the entire production and post-production crew.
  • We have been working with Will Barber as lead videographer for the film. He has quickly become an indispensable part of the team.
  • We have secured all of the necessary video and audio rental equipment, and we made sure not to skimp on the quality.
  • We have acquired 95% of the costumes and props. The sets are looking more and more authentic each day!
  • The first day of filming has a forecast of 70% chance of thunderstorms. We are currently in negotiations with Thor et al to ensure a clear, sunny day… especially since our audio and video equipment rentals only span 3 short days.

John Valenti

In the process of our preparation for the film, we have exceeded our budget, but we knew from the get-go that we did not want to skimp on the quality of this film.

After filming is complete, we estimate the post-production to take about a month, with a hopeful limited release of the film in October 2014. Some post-production tasks include, but are not limited to: special effects, Foley sounds, scoring, and coloring.

In additional to local screenings, we are planning to submit Who Would Jesus Date? to multiple film festivals, produce Limited Edition DVDs for our Kickstarter backers, and eventually make the film available broadly via outlets such as iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

We cannot thank you all enough for your interest, positive thoughts, and steadfast support of our film. Deep gratitude from the everyone in the Who Would Jesus Date? squad. More soon!

Much love,
Neeti & Dan