Cast Q&A: Alia Souissi as Mariah

Yes to the second day of cast announcements! Who plays the “better half” of the truly perfect man? It’s Alia Souissi!

Alia Souissi

What’s it like to be dating the savior of the entire world? Is it a lot of pressure?

Oh, no pressure! We have a lot of fun together. Jesus is a fantastic euchre partner and even more of a killer on the dance floor… Actually, I’m single.


Do you relate a lot to your character in the film?

I was raised Unitarian Universalist, so I am interested in exploring all sorts of religions and spiritual ideas. I’ve been actively encouraged to keep questioning “What is the Great Mystery?” And, of greater importance, “How can we be more kind toward one another and toward our world?” It seems that Mariah has also been searching for her own take on religious philosophy. She seeks herself through various suitors who come from different theological backgrounds, before settling on Jesus. And although I don’t seek religious education through my suitors, I can certainly relate to bringing a lot of dates home and having parents not finding them to be good enough.


What are you looking forward to most about your involvement in Who Would Jesus Date?

I’m looking forward to being inspired by working with a brilliant group of artists and friends.


Tomorrow we’ll meet the actor playing the Father of Mariah, the man Jesus must impress.