Cast Q&A: Andrew Conley as Matthew the Tax Collector

Here’s the last of our principal cast introductions, and we’ve saved a goodie for you. It’s poet-at-large Andrew Conley in the role of Matthew, Jesus’s best friend. I mean, seriously, how many people have a legitimate claim to that title?

Andrew Conley

How close is Matthew’s personality to your own?

Matthew’s personality is the flesh and blood of my inner buffoon, who only rises to the surface in reality only if vaguely prompted.

How does the relationship between Matthew and Jesus compare to the relationship between you and your BFF?

Same, but with less pinky swearing.

What excites you most about being a part of Who Would Jesus Date?

Working with such talented people. Learning about writing humor through my participation. Acting naturally.

We’ll have even more updates on the progress of the film soon, so keep those eyes and ears ready! And thanks for checking in with us.