Content, content, content!

Dear filmsters!

One of the questions we most often get asked is “what’s the status of the film? when can i see it?!?” Worry not, we are working very hard on this!

As we get closer to finishing and screening this film, filmmaker/auteur Neeti Fidurko of Tree in the Sky is working with some team members to get you more content every weekday to keep you in the loop as to what’s going on.

We are excited to announce that Rochester CITY Newspaper will be publishing an article about this film as well as other local films in next week’s issue. Rochester, keep an eye out for it!

On Set!


We have come up with a plan for weekday updates on this very site; and here is a rough plan:

Monday: Blog update (written update on the film’s progress
Tuesday: Fan Q&A! Please ask the filmmaker any question at all related to the film. Each Tuesday, we will pick, answer, and post amusing answers to one fan question. You may ask us questions on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
Wednesday: We will brighten up hump day with a new, never-before-seen still image from the film! This will be a shot directly from the film, or a production photo.
Thursday: Details on a specific cast or crew member.
Friday: Teaser day! Look out for a short, fun vine-style teaser to be posted every Friday! This teaser will include either shots directly from the film, or outtakes that won’t make it into the film. We’ve already published teaser 1 and teaser 2, and you can watch and share them by clicking the respective links.

Please note that it will take some time before we will be able to implement these updates.

Finally, we are working on creating a donation page on this website. We will not launch or bug you with another Kickstarter campaign, but since we have exceeded our budget by miles, we could really use some help to cover costs for props, equipment, and pay for cast and crew members (not including the filmmakers). We are going to include new rewards/perks for donators! Stay tuned for the link!

And as always, we would wildly appreciate you sharing your love by sharing link(s) to this website or any of our video teasers via your social networking accounts or email.

Mega massive much much love!
Neeti Fidurko, Auteur