Cast Q&A: John Valenti as Father of Mariah

If there’s anyone more difficult to please than God, it just may be your girlfriend’s father. Here to play Mariah’s father is the one and only John Valenti (there is no one else by that name in the entire world)!

John Valenti

The major plot point of the film really hinges on your character. How do you feel about that?

Up until now no one had told me that. So I’m a mess at the moment, as you can guess.
If your daughter were dating Jesus in actuality, would you act differently than Mariah’s father does?

I would probably be much more apt to ask a few favors. Start putting a few kid-sized shirts in the adult sections of stores, for instance, so I feel less self-conscious when I go shopping for myself.


What attracted you to this short film project? Is there something about the story that particularly resonates?

I was told there would be lots of free snacks, though I haven’t even seen pretzels yet.


Your original song “Talk About Jesus” is featured in the movie. How do you feel it fits with the overall theme of the short film Who Would Jesus Date?

Aside from involving dating and Jesus, not a whole lot. But this year has seen an unprecedented decline in songs written about dating and Jesus, so mine it was.


What do you want people who see this film to take away from it?
A feeling of profound religious conviction, or at least some mild heartburn.


Who is Mariah’s mom? Find out tomorrow!