Press Coverage!

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I am ecstatic to announce that this film has received a shout-out blurb in the Rochester CITY Newspaper! We have been selected as one of the Critic’s Picks in the Fall Arts Guide 2014 amongst a few other local productions. Read the blurb below!

Rochester CITY Newspaper Fall Guide 2014

“Who Would Jesus Date?”: The idea behind this satirical short film, from Tree in the Sky Productions, sprang from the imaginations of director Neeti Fidurko and co-director/screenwriter Daniel J. Kushner after reading a National Geographic article discussing the Harvard Theological Review’s authentication of an 8th-century text that mentions “Jesus’ wife.” This got them to pondering what Jesus’ hypothetical dating life would have been like, depicting what happens when a girl brings Jesus home to meet her parents. Will they approve of a match “made in Heaven”? Filming for the short was completed in late August, and is now deep into post-production. The filmmakers are hoping to have the film completed in time for an October release, with public screenings currently in the planning stages and a possible digital release through online outlets like iTunes and Amazon Video.

Lesson learned: always title your film with an A… a title starting with the letter W will grant you the last spot in the article ;)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]