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We have exceeded our budget by several thousands of dollars out of pocket in order to achieve true visual authenticity at the highest quality possible. We would greatly appreciate donations to this project in order to recoup some of our losses and to pay the 30+ cast and crew who donated their time to this project!

We have various rewards we will offer at various levels of donation. Please select your own amount to donate, and select the appropriate donation-level reward during your safe and secure donation checkout experience via Paypal. Every dollar counts!

Estimated delivery for all rewards is December 2014.
Additional rewards coming soon!

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This film would not be possible without the generous support of these lovely people. Thank you so much for helping make our dream a reality!

Idea Originators & Generators

Neeti Fidurko
Daniel J. Kushner
Brett Gobe

Biblical Consultant


Historical Consultant

D. Franchikenov

Kickstarter Contributors

(in alphabetical order)


Joseph Shmidlin
Laura Lee Jones
Svetlana Bukharina
Poochie Toes
Chewy the Movie Puppy

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