Neeti Fidurko, Filmmaker

Co-Writer, Producer, Director, Art Director, Auteur

Neeti is a bright, happy person with a genuine and contagious laugh. She owns the award-winning motion graphics studio Tree in the Sky where she makes catchy and unique videos and animations. She is a part/time professor at Rochester Institute of Technology where she teaches 4D Design and Time-Based Media. She is also a talented and unique artist and musician.


Co-Writer, Assistant to the Director

Daniel J. Kushner is an arts journalist and music critic whose work has been published in The Huffington Post, Opera News, NewMusicBox, The Brooklyn Rail, and elsewhere.



The Dude.


Main Cast

Brian Barrett

BRIAN BARRETT as Jesus of Nazareth

Brian Barrett is making his film debut as Jesus in Who Would Jesus Date? He has played on the stage as the 3rd Beast in the Bloody Noes production of The Apocalypse, The Circuit Judge in Rochester Fringe Fest’s Spoon River, and a Toy Soldier in Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s The Nutcracker. Barrett studied TV and Radio Production in high school before joining a long series of bands as keyboardist and on bass. He also has written serialized fiction, developed websites, and enjoys photography.

Alia Souissi

ALIA SOUISSI as Mariah of Bethany

Alia is an artist, writer, muse and world traveler currently living in Rochester, NY. She has had dirty stories published in Poolboy Magazine, written and directed for Phoenix, Arizona’s sketch comedy show First Friday Night Live, and supports political prisoners by extensive pen paling. Who Would Jesus Date? is her film debut.

John Valenti

JOHN VALENTI as Father of Mariah

John Valenti is a singer/songwriter and filmmaker from Rochester, NY. He has an MFA in Film from Rochester Institute of Technology where he made the award-winning short film Tech Service: A Memoir By John Valenti. He also sings in the band Passive Aggressives Anonymous.

Christine Carder

CHRISTINE CARDER as Mother of Mariah

Christine is a ritualistic woman. In order for her to keep her sanity she has to partake in her rituals. She enjoys her solitude and spends her time reading, strolling around the great city of Rochester, picking up any found object she stumbles upon. She keeps her circle of friends like she keeps her legs, crossed and tight. She believes in keeping a close-knit community of artists in Rochester. She uses her art to aid in the cathartic healing process. She lives in a high walled apartment with her cat and her sleepy dwarf. She is the nun of the art world in Rochester.

Andrew Conley

ANDREW CONLEY as Matthew the Tax Collector

Andy was thrilled to participate in this production because of the talent and kind nature of the other participants. He is an avid writer living and working in Rochester.

12 Disciples

Andrew Conley
Brett Gobe
Chris “St. John” Coon
Dan Fidurko
Daniel J. Kushner
John Vadas
Maddi Bradt
Magnus Champlin
Matthew Haschmann
Patrick S. Doyle
Reilly Solomon Taylor Cook
Simon DelaPlaya (as Judas)


Lisa Cook
Zaida Souissi

Production Crew

Producer, Director, Art, Auteur

Neeti Fidurko of Tree in the Sky

Camera Operator / Director of Photography

Will Barber

Sound / Boom

John Vadas
Noelle Evans
Reilly Solomon Taylor Cook
Wang Tianyi
Yumeng Zhang

Makeup Artist

Maddi Bradt

Production Photographer

Lisa Cook

Production Assistants

Dan Fidurko
Daniel J. Kushner
Hines Retchbat
John Vadas
Joyce Britton
Noelle Evans
Reilly Solomon Taylor-Cook
Zaida Souissi

Additional Sound Recording

Arthur Bond
Kent Fairman Wilson